We have come a long way since we opened our doors to the public in January 2016. Our hire fleet is constantly expanding and one area that has seen excellent growth is our range of earthmoving equipment.

We have set out to offer a range of minidiggers and excavators for hire, as well as attachments, which covers all the requirements up to three tonnes. If you need an excavator larger than three tonnes we can still supply it through one of our trusted partners. However in store we have limited our range of diggers to three tonnes. This covers the excavator hire needs of almost all small builders as well as domestic requirements.

What makes us different in the minidigger hire market? Well we have aimed to make sure we have every eventuality covered. Starting at the smallest end of our minidigger hire fleet we have the Kubota K008. This mini digger comes in 50mm narrower than 90% of the micro digger hire market at just 700mm wide. Most micro diggers go down to just 750mm. So if you need to hire a very narrow microdigger we can hire you one.

The next machine we can offer is the Kubota U10-3. This is another microdigger although slightly wider at 750mm. The benefit of hiring this microdigger over the Kubota K008 is that it offers twin speed tracking and zero tail swing. The zero tail swing feature means that you are able to work in tighter spaces and not worry about hitting the back of the excavator when you swing it round. So if you can get it through the gap then this is an excellent microdigger to hire.

If you have access of at least 1m then the next size up on our minidigger hire fleet is the Kubota U17-3a. This is a superb minidigger to hire where access is not an issue and is the ideal size machine for most domestic jobs. The added benefit of this excavator, which falls into the 1.5t minidigger hire bracket, is that it is zero tail swing. Once again this means that you can operate in tight spaces without worrying about hitting the back of the machine. This excavator is easy to operate with lovely smooth controls and excellent all round visibility.

Perhaps you need to hire a digger with extra reach? Maybe you need to dig to a greater depth or you are loading a truck? Again, G.A. Plant has it covered. On our excavator hire fleet we have a Kubota KX19. This digger remains compact, with expanding tracks, but offers extra reach. Coming in at two tonnes this is the preferred minidigger to hire for users who are loading 7.5t tippers for example. With the little extra weight it also makes the digger even easier to operate. This excavator is also well matched to our Atlas Copco SB102 hydraulic breaker as well as our hydraulic post hole borer.

If you have a more demanding task then you may want to hire our Kubota KX61-4 2.8t excavator. This excavator falls into the 3t digger hire bracket and is one of the most popular excavators on our hire fleet as it offers more weight and power. This probably would not be the excavator of choice for adjusting the flower beds but it is going to make light work of digging out footings or ripping up a driveway and, where space allows, is the perfect match for our hydraulic breakers and post hole borers. End users are often afraid to hire a bigger machine thinking it will be more difficult to operate. Well, as any experienced digger driver will tell you, the larger excavators are actually easier to control. They have more power making digging easier and, as they are heavier, they are more stable. The trickiest machines to operate on our excavator hire fleet are in fact the micro diggers.

But just offering diggers for hire is not the end of the story. All our excavators are supplied with 4 buckets meaning you will have a bucket suitable for every task. However we go beyond that. We can offer a hydraulic breaker to fit any of our excavators. The Atlas Copco SB102 is a powerful tool and will make a demolition job fast and easy. It will chew through reinforced concrete at the push of a pedal. No need to drag a heavy breaker around for a day. This will make any breaking task fast, easy, and (don’t tell the boss) fun.

And we are not done there! We also have a hydraulic auger, or posthole borer,  to fit all but our smallest microdiggers. The hydraulic auger, or post hole borer, comes with two sizes of drill to suit the task and will make light work of any fencing job or other task requiring lots of holes to be drilled. We recently hired the post hole borer to a company putting in a solar farm. This offered them a huge labour saving as they could get the job done much more quickly. Being attached to an excavator it also means you can get to places you may not be able to get to with a tractor and post hole borer set up.

When you hire a digger you are likely to also need a dumper. We can offer skip loading dumpers as well as small pedestrian skip loaders for those tight jobs where you have to shift a lot of heavy material.

Well, as you can see, we really have got the small digger hire market covered. Should you need to hire a minidigger, or simply need some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are not sure what size of excavator to hire we can help you decide. When we deliver our excavators we will always explain to you how they work if you have not used one before. Remember, we are a small, independent hire shop that cares about our customers. We are here to help you and take great pride in the service that we offer our customers. All our machines are of high specification and offer great reliability when you need it. We offer a punctual delivery service that you can rely on. We always deliver when we say we are going to. That means if we promise a delivery at 9am we will deliver at 9am.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or pop into our store in Cheney Manor, Swindon and get your job started today.