Climbing up a wobbly ladder is a sure fire way of getting the adrenaline pumping. Especially for those of us that don’t do it regularly. As a youngster I had a spell in hospital after a motorcycle accident and in the bed opposite me was a window cleaner. He had fallen off his ladder. The result was not pretty and it is one that has stayed with me. Sadly he never did leave the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for ladders and, used following recommended safety guidelines, they can be a safe way of getting access to high places. However, increasingly people are finding safer ways of working at height. Examples include window cleaners who increasingly make use of pole systems so they can do their cleaning from the ground and we can offer you a long reach hedge trimmer for hire when you need to trim a tall hedge. On many of the larger building sites ladders are now banned.

Here at G.A. Plant we have an alternative. We can hire you a scaffold tower. Now, to the layman, these scaffold towers look complicated and precarious. Don’t be put off though. Scaffold towers are in fact made of lightweight aluminium and are very easy to assemble. The towers have stabiliser legs making them very safe. The modern scaffold tower also has hatches built into the platform floors so you can climb up the inside of the ladder frame, so no monkey business required getting up the outside. The scaffold tower also has castering wheels so once assembled you can just push the whole scaffold tower into position as required. The wheels then have brakes on them to ensure the tower can’t roll anywhere. Each corner of the mobile access tower is also height adjustable. This means that your base does not have to be perfectly level. It does have to be solid though. A slowly sinking scaffold tower is never going to end well! These scaffold towers can be hired for jobs inside or outside.

Due to the sectional design of these towers it is surprising how quickly a tower can be erected and taken down at the end of the job. When you hire a scaffold tower from us it is always supplied with easy to follow assembly instructions. All the sections cleverly click together with no nuts and bolts required. They are also self-supporting so no need to fix any anchors to your building. We also have a stairwell scaffold tower for hire which is specifically designed for the stairs. This is cleverly designed so you can still use the stairs safely with the tower in place.

We use a scaffold tower system which is very popular amongst hire companies. The system is manufactured by a company called Eurotowers. The benefit of us using the same system as other hire companies is if we are ever short of a piece we can borrow it from another hire company. That way our customers can always hire the scaffold tower they need.

If you look in the access hire section of the website you will find various scaffold tower height and width options available. However, if you can’t see what you need please do ask as we are sure to be able to supply it.

When you hire a scaffold tower from us we are happy to deliver the tower to anywhere in Swindon, Wiltshire and all surrounding areas including towns outside Swindon such as Royal Wotton Bassett, Chippenham, Melksham, Faringdon, Lechlade and other towns in Wiltshire. We run our own delivery vehicles and can often deliver on the same or very next day.