Well if we are going to be a well rounded one stop shop for all your tool and plant hire needs in Swindon then we had better cover the less glamorous world of site ablutions.

With just a couple of other site toilet providers in Swindon and with regular requests for site toilets it is clearly time for us to supply site toilets for hire. So the journey of how to go about supplying site toilets begins.

The first area of consideration for us is how to service the temporary toilets. With all our site toilets we are offering a weekly cleaning service. This includes emptying the waste tank and refilling. For this task we have invested in a state of the art vacuum tanker. The clever part about our vacuum tanker is it is on skids so we can forklift it onto any of our vehicles to go and do the rounds. The tanker includes a pressure washer so we can make sure that your portable toilet is left nice and clean. On building sites portaloos can get quite muddy and don’t mention festival toilet hire! We just hope to find our toilets the right way up at festivals.

Once we have sucked the waste out of the site toilet we then need to get rid of it. So we now have a contract in place as well as the relevant waste carriers’ license to dispose of the portable toilet waste at our local Thames Water sewage treatment works. Here they have a clever system where we connect our tanker and discharge. The toilet waste is pumped through their flow meter and we are then billed accordingly. So you can be rest assured that your toilet waste is being disposed of legally by us.

So we have removed the waste. Now we have to refill. We are using eco friendly chemicals in our hire toilets. These chemicals are harmless to the environment and your bum. The chemicals break down your deposits as well as turning your ablutions into sweet smelling delights. Well, maybe not quite but you get the idea. Our toilets re-circulate the tank so this means that there is no requirement to plumb your portable toilet in. All our toilets also include a wash hand basin. When we clean your hired toilet we also replenish with fresh toilet paper as well as an air freshener to keep things pleasant.

Of course toilet hire is not limited to just building site hire and toilet hire for festivals. You may be holding a gathering at home and would prefer not to have people walking through your house to use your bathroom. We can of course supply toilets for short periods such as weekends or even single days. We will deliver your toilet and fill it. No plumbing will be required and you won’t even have to worry about the toilet paper as that will be supplied. Temporary toilets are also used at events such as fetes, air shows and even local street parties.

So next time you require a temporary toilet for your event or construction project give us a bell. We are happy to supply portable toilets to all of Swindon and surrounding towns and villages.