This machine is so specialised that I thought it might be worth a blog post of its own.

We were very fortunate to get our hands on a Kubota KC250 tracked dumper. This tracked dumper really is the Swiss Army Knife of the dumper world. The dumper is based on rubber tracks giving considerable benefits over regular wheeled dumpers. The tracks obviously distribute the load of the machine over the ground. This reduces soil compaction. It also means the dumper is much less likely to get stuck in wet or soft ground. A further benefit of running on tracks is the stability it gives this tracked dumper. The specs show this dumper having a gradeability of 27degs as well as an excellent ground clearance of 334mm.

Just because it is on tracks does not mean it is slow. It will move along at 11kph which is fast enough for any job site. When travelling at that speed you need good visibility. The Kubota KC250 tracked dumper is fitted with a clever swivel seat meaning the operator can always face the direction of travel. This increases safety as well as operator comfort.

But it does not end there. This tracked dumper is also fitted with a swivel skip. This enables the operator to accurately tip materials precisely where needed without having to perform excessive manoeuvres in order to get the dumper positioned correctly. This helps to reduce the impact on the ground as well as making the task much easier.

The dumper is powered by a diesel fueled Kubota engine giving plenty of power where needed.

This Tracked dumper is available to hire from our store in Cheney manor. If you are hiring it on its own we would likely transport it with a van and trailer keeping the delivery costs down.