As jobs get bigger so does the equipment.

Typically for a patio our customers will hire a small wacker plate. Then as they move onto driveways they will choose one of our larger plate compactors. Obviously the bigger the plate the better the compaction is likely to be. A driveway with vehicles driving over it is always going to need a stronger base than a patio with just foot traffic.

So what do we need rollers for? Well sometimes that driveway is big. Trekking up and down a 100m driveway with a whacker plate is going to be laborious and time consuming. That is where our twin drum ride on roller comes into its own. Our smallest twin drum ride on roller has a rolling width of 80cm. The drums are not only driven but also contain vibrators to aid compaction. You can do clever things such as just put vibration on the front or back drum as well as operate with no vibration.

So once you have rolled your base, typically type 1, you are then going to need to lay and probably compact your top surface. Our twin drum ride on roller is set up to not only compact aggregate but also tarmac. Each drum has a water sprinkler system on it to stop the tarmac sticking to the drums. You can adjust the flow rate on the sprinklers to increase the duration of the water tank.

To drive the roller you simply push the main control lever forwards or backwards. The further you push it the faster the roller will go. In fact if you are travelling from one end of the job to the other the roller can move surprisingly fast.

We have opted for the Hamm 80VV twin drum ride on roller for our fleet. This roller is German engineered offering great reliability and performance.

If you have a pressing job why not give us a bell and book our Hamm twin drum roller.