Well if you are going to keep up with the Jones’ you better think about your patio. And right now the in thing is porcelain.

To the landscapers porcelain comes with one major problem. How to cut it. Some pieces are in excess of £150 per slab so a mistake can be costly. You can buy specialist porcelain blades to fit angle grinders. The issue is it is very difficult to keep the grinder perfectly straight and as soon as you start to wander the blade will start to chip the edge of the tile you are cutting. The other difficulty is trying to keep the heat out of the blade. An electric grinder can not be water cooled for obvious reasons which means a slower, dusty cut.

The only solution to cutting porcelain tiles is to use a wet saw. A good quality wet saw will hold the blade perfectly straight and will have a pumped water system to keep the blade cool as you cut through the tile or slab.

Here at G A Plant we now run a couple of these saws. Our saw, the Battipav 150, is an expensive well built saw designed for the job. It carries a large 350mm diamond blade and can handle tiles up to 1200mm in length. It even comes supplied with the optional side table so you can turn your tile on the table to suit your cut. This saw can also cut mitres.

A recent customer of ours was so impressed with the saw he kept it on hire for three months before going to buy his own. Being a swimming pool installer the investment was worth it.

This wet saw can be hired from our store in Cheney Manor. You are welcome to come in and have a look at the machine and ask any questions. Bookings can be made in store or over the phone. We offer delivery where required.