As part of our wide range of tools and equipment that we have available for hire from our store here in Cheney Manor, Swindon, we offer a range of gas heaters in all shapes in sizes. Of course to run a gas heater you also need gas. So we stock and supply  gas not only to those hiring our equipment but to anybody who requires a gas cylinder.

The gas market can be a little confusing for the customer and even the supplier. There are so many different bottles and regulators and sizes so just where do you start? Well here I am going to explain it all to you.

Our chosen supplier is Flogas. Flogas are a big player in the gas market here in the UK. The other major player being Calor gas. We can accept any Flogas bottle in our store. Flogas have also bought out multiple smaller gas suppliers and we can accept bottles from any of these and I have listed all the suppliers we can accept cylinders from. The chances are if it is not Calor Gas we may well be able to take it. Unfortunately we cannot take Calor Gas bottles. If you don’t have a Flogas bottle, or a bottle from one of the many suppliers listed at the end of this blog, then we would have to take a bottle deposit from you which is fully refundable should you choose to return your empty cylinder and not want an exchange.

For our site, gas fuelled, heaters we supply propane. This is the most common gas for outdoor heating applications or for heating in cold areas. The heaters I am referring to are often called space heaters. Propane is better than butane for these heaters as it has a lower freezing point meaning you are not going to have gas supply problems. Propane also burns at a higher temperature. Propane is also often used for cooking on. Propane is actually not complicated at all. There is only one regulator for propane in the UK and this is universal regardless who supplies the cylinder. The regulator will be a left hand thread screw in type. We supply propane in 6kg, 11kg, 19kg and 47kg bottles. We also supply 18kg bottles specifically for forklift trucks with a different quick release regulator which is universal on forklifts.

Butane is the gas most commonly used in three bar domestic heaters and other similar products. There are two regulator sizes for these and the bottle will either be a cream colour or blue. That way we know which regulator you have. We sell 13kg butane cylinders which are the right size to sit inside a domestic three bar gas fire.

Leisure gas is also propane. This is marketed separately in light green cylinders. These have a quick release fitting on the top. This gas is commonly used for BBQ’s and patio heaters. We sell leisure gas in 11kg bottles.

Flogas have produced their own GasLight range. These bottles are plastic so weigh much less than the heavy metal bottles. They are great for camping and other areas where you want an easily portable bottle. We offer GasLight bottles in 5kg and 10kg sizes. It should be noted that the deposit is non refundable on these bottles. These bottles have the same regulator as the leisure gas cylinders. This is a quick release regulator.

We hold all the gas cylinders in our store in Cheney Manor Swindon where you are welcome to come and pick up your gas cylinder. We can also offer a delivery service if required.

Finally here is the long list of suppliers that Flogas can accept gas cylinders from:

ACC Bulk Gas, AIG, Abbey Gas, Acewell Gas, Alan Cooper, Allied Gas, Atlas Gas, Alta Gas, Amazon Gas, Arby Gas, Argas, Avon Gas, B & S Cheaper Gas, Beacon Gas, Bell Gas, Border Gas, Botto Gas, BP Gas, Britgas, British Gas (LP Gas), British Gas (Northern), British Gas (West Wales), Butgas, By-Gas, C & J Atlas Energy, C.E.G.B. Gas, Cador Gas, Camping Center, Celtic Gas, Citigas, City Mills Marine, Clean Gas, Compact Bottled Gas, Cooper (Witney) Gas, Cory Gas, Cosy Gas, Crusader Gas, D & F Fellows, Direct Gas, Don Gas, E.J. Stansfield, East London Gas, Eltra gas, Epigas, ER Gas, Ergas, Ergoflame, Essogas, Every Gas, Evoco Gas, Express Gas, Fast Gas, Flogas, Fradley Gas, Freedom LPG, Gala Gas, Garla Gas, Gaspak, Glazebrook Fuels, Gleaner Gas, Glowgas, Go-Gas, Golden Gas, Handy Gas, Hillgas, Hudson Gas, JRM Gas, Lakeland Gas, Lee Gas, Luton LP Gas, M.K.L. Gas, Macgas, MacGas, Mansa Gas, Marlin Gas, Maxigas, MB Gas, MB Go Gas, MBC, Mersey Gas, Metro Gas, Midland Gas, More Gas, Negass, North Eastern Farmers, Northern LPG, Paragas, Pendle Tool Hire, Peterborough Fuels, Portagas, Prestogas, Propagas, R.P.D., Readygas, S.M.B.P., Saxon Gas, Saygas, Shell Gas, Sigas, Solargas, Southern Counties Gas, Stair Brown Gas, Sungas, Supergas, T.L. Thiele, Topgaz, Transgas, Travel Gas, Trendy Gas, Ultra Gas, Unigas, Valley Gas, W. Hagan Fuels, Waterfall Gas Services (WGS), WCF, West Gas, Willow Gas, Wirral Gas, Yorkshire Gas