There is a wide range of site lighting options available nowadays but what do you actually need for your job? 

Here at G A Plant and Tool Hire in Swindon we can offer the full range of indoor and outdoor lighting options to light up your building project. 

Firstly we should look at the technology behind our lighting. All our lighting options now use LED’s. The advantage with LED’s is the life and reliability of the light. These don’t have an element like the older style bulbs. The filament bulbs suffer from fragility. Sometimes as little as a simple knock will result in failure of the light. LED’s however are very robust and can cope with being dropped. LED’s also use considerably less electricity. Safety is also enhanced as the bulbs run cool. The old halogen bulbs would get very hot and could easily set a combustible material alight. LED’s are increasingly common and you have probably even come across them in your own home as well as cars and other areas of our lives. 

So we have the latest in lighting technology but it does not end there. There is a range of lighting options available for hire depending on the requirement you have.  

Firstly we offer festoon lights. Festoon lighting is a simple option where the lights are on a long string. This is plugged in at one end and then normally pinned up out of the way as the string is fed around your site. The lights holders actually have screw holes so you can screw the fitting to the ceiling or beam. We have festoon strings in up to 50m lengths. Our festoon strings use LED bulbs. All our festoon lights run on 110v. This is the industry standard for building sites due to the safer lower voltage. This option is very effective for lighting multiple rooms from one power source. Festoon lights are also very popular as they leave the site floor area clear. 

Another option we offer are single and double head lights on tripods. These can be used to light a single room and offer a powerful light unit. They can also be used externally for lighting up large spaces. 

Our 4 head tripod light is a great option for lighting up a large external space such as a yard or car park. The heads can be individually pointed in different directions. Again this light uses LED technology. 

Plastering lights are used for, well you guessed it, plastering. A long strip light shining up from low down helps light up a wall whilst reducing shadows helping plasterer’s carry out their work effectively. Again the bulbs are LED’s. 

As well as the lights themselves we can also supply the leads and splitters in order to join multiple lighting units together. We can also supply generators to power the lighting if you don’t have power on site. Our most popular generators are our 3.5kva petrol powered generators and the bigger 6kva diesel powered generators when you have larger power requirements. 

So if you are in need of lighting why not pop into our store in Swindon or simply give us a bell and we can organise everything for you over the telephone.