Chapter 8?  What is he on about this time?

Well, I’ll save you the thrilling read. The government have published a set of guidelines for road works and in particular required signage for road works. Chapter 8 refers to the position within this exciting read that refers to the requirements for barriers. Notably it specifies the requirements for reflective strips. I guess that will prevent you falling in a hole on a dark night so it makes sense.  Of course you may wish to engross yourself in the full chapter and verse and you can find that here .

The point I am trying to get to is we can hire you Chapter 8 compliant barriers. These tough barriers are the ideal solution for putting around your obstacle in an area where people are likely to have access. If you are still not sure what I am on about I can best describe them as the orange plastic barriers that stand about waist high. Quite often found in the nearest ditch having been chucked there by some intoxicated fool on a Friday night. If you spot any of ours we would be happy to have them back. They are not cheap items!

Another type of barrier that we have on our hire fleet is metal pedestrian or crowd control barriers. These stand about waist height allowing good visibility over the top whilst providing a substantial separation. These barriers are free standing and can be linked together to form the length of barrier you require.

We also supply security fencing for hire. This is often referred to as Heras fencing.  Heras actually refers to the name of the largest manufacturer of this type of fencing. These fences are often placed around building sites to help increase security. They are tall panels which would be very difficult to climb over.  They are supplied with clips to join the panels together and heavy rubber feet to stand the panels in. It is a health and safety requirement on building sites to secure the site. In particular children like to sneak in and have a play putting them in danger. These panels will help prevent that happening.

Whatever your site fencing hire requirement is we are sure to be able to help. Fence panels can be collected from our yard or we can deliver to your site.