Earthmoving equipment includes our range of excavators and dumpers. In this post I am going to look a bit more closely at our dumpers.

To get the maximum benefit of hiring one of our excavators it often makes sense to hire a dumper to move your waste material from the point of excavation to the collection point. It is often a false economy to get your mate or colleague to run around with a wheel barrow every bucket load, often doubling the amount of time you have a digger on hire as well as costing you additional labour, or beer.

We have a range of dumpers available for hire to suit your job. Our smallest dumper is our muck truck. This versatile little tool can carry 350kgs. It is the nearest thing to a powered wheelbarrow that we have. Based on four wheels this truck has a decent sized skip but does not have the high tip function. With a range of gears it can move faster than the tracked barrow. The clever bit beyond the skip though is the flat bed. With one pin the skip can be removed and the flat bed mounted. The truck can then be used to move those heavy blocks or slabs saving on back ache and time. It can also be fitted with a tow ball enabling you to move trailers and other towable items around.

The next offering are our tracked tracked barrows. These capable machines can move 450 kgs at a time. That’s quite a few barrow loads and no back ache and less beers involved. These dumpers also have a high tip ability which means they can be used to load a skip or tipper. Mounted on tracks they can go virtually anywhere and measuring just 60cm wide they can fit through most garden gates.  This size dumper is the perfect match for our micro diggers as it has the ability to squeeze through the same narrow gaps as the digger.

The next size up in our range of dumpers is the 1 tonne high tip. The 1 tonne bit relates to the load carrying capacity of the machine. These dumpers are 4 wheel drive so can cope with boggy and rough terrain. Once again these dumpers can lift the load up into a skip. This size dumper is a good match for our diggers ranging from 1.5t up to 3t.

The latest addition to our hire fleet is a Kubota KC250. This is a tracked dumper offering several advantages over a normal dumper. The tracks mean that it causes less soil compaction. This is often a consideration on agricultural land. Being on tracks it can also cope far better with soft or wet ground. With the weight evenly distributed over the tracks is is far less likely to get stuck than a conventional dumper. These tracked dumpers can also cope with steep slopes with up to a 27deg incline meaning it can climb a hill that ordinary wheeled dumpers are likely to get stuck on. The Kubota KC250 tracked dumper can carry a payload of 2.5 tonnes. It is equipped with a swivel skip making it even more versatile. The operators seat swivels around meaning you can be facing your direction of travel making operation easier and safer. It also means in tight spots you don’t need to either carry out a long and awkward reverse of try to turn around.

The largest dumper we stock on our hire fleet is the 3t dumper. Again the weight relates to its load carrying capacity. These are a good match for our 3t excavators. We offer road legal 3t dumpers with swivel skips making them more versatile for tight sites.

Check out the gallery and related products to help you choose the right machine to hire for your job. If you have any questions please give us a bell and we will be happy to advise.

To book your hire please just give us a bell where we can arrange everything for you over the phone.