2t Mini Digger Hire Swindon


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The Kubota KX019-4 2 tonne excavator is the perfect machine where access is limited but extra reach is required. A common problem in Swindon is foundation depth. As alot of us are on clay the building inspector will often require you to dig for Australia. This is where the extra reach really comes into it’s own.


Here we have another offering for the Swindon Digger Hire market. The 2 tonne KX019-4 is available to hire from our store in Cheney Manor, Swindon. This excavator has expanding tracks allowing it to get into tight sites whilst also offering improved reach over a standard 1.5 tonne mini digger. This digger will comfortably load a flat bed tipper. It is also well matched to our hydraulic post hole borer, hydraulic breaker and post basher.

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