3/4 Tonne Micro Digger Hire


Hire this micro digger with expanding tracks. Our micro digger goes down to 700mm wide! This excavator will even fit through a standard doorway making it the ideal digger to hire for those hard to reach places. These can even be tracked through a property and can be used in conjunction with a skip loader to move material from the back of your property quickly and efficiently.


When you hire a 0.8t micro digger from G.A. Plant and Tool Hire you can be sure you will get the excavator delivered when you need it. The micro digger is designed to fit through a standard doorway. With expanding tracks the machine can then be better stabilised once through a narrow gap making operation safer. These useful machines are provided with a range of buckets making it the perfect tool for those jobs around the back!

Minidiggers and microdiggers have evolved to become an advanced piece of equipment allowing fine control and accurate work. When you hire a digger from us we will always take the time to run you through how the machine works. Don’t worry if you have not hired an excavator before. You will soon get the hang of it and it can even be fun! Swindon plant and digger hire is a competitive market and its an area that we excel in due to our high level of customer service. Remember we are a small hire company in Swindon and we care about each one of our customers no matter how big or small.

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