In this piece we look at the benefits of hiring tools as opposed to buying tools. Remember at G.A. Plant and Machinery in Swindon, we can hire tools and sell tools to you and we understand there are benefits to both options.

For the DIY market projects around the home can require a wide range of power tools. Some tools often hired include specialist floor and edge sanders, angle grinders, whacker plates, cement mixers, breakers, scaffold towers, the list goes on. Some of these tools may be easily affordable however the quantity and range required to cover the range of tasks that you will no doubt face in your home make hiring a sensible option. We can offer you tools for jobs such as woodwork, landscaping, plumbing even welding.

So what other considerations do we need to think about when deciding whether we are going to hire tools or buy tools?

The range of tools that we can offer you here in our tool hire shop in Swindon is obviously going to be much wider than anyone individually would normally hold. This means we are likely to have that tool that even the most well equipped may not have for a one-off job. We can supply some of the more unusual tools like a biscuit jointer, router, angle grinder, diamond core drill, wall chaser, angle drill and many more tools. Of course it’s not just electrical power tools that you may hire. A whacker plate is a perfect example of a machine that it would not make sense to purchase. Costing many hundreds of pounds for a compactor plate it clearly would not make sense to buy one for a job that often only takes half an hour. Seasonal equipment is also worth hiring. Our rotavators, brushcutters and lawn mowers are excellent examples of seasonal hire items. So the economic reasons for hire are often clear.

Another benefit of tool hire is that you will be using modern equipment. Here at G A Plant in Swindon our tool fleet is modern and up to date. This means that you will benefit from the latest technology in power tools and plant equipment. If you were using your own equipment it would probably not make sense to replace it with a newer model for occasional use.

Maintenance is another, sometimes costly, consideration. When you hire you have no maintenance concerns at all. All our equipment is carefully maintained and tested in house. Every tool and piece of equipment gets cleaned and inspected on return form every hire job. Our tool hire shop in Cheney Manor, Swindon,  has a fully equipped workshop for maintaining our equipment as well as carrying out repairs and servicing for our customers and we also have a dedicated PAT testing room for testing electrical equipment. We are well trained and experienced and know what we are doing. Often repairing your own equipment can be a costly enterprise and can be difficult when you don’t have the knowledge or equipment to do it. We are very happy to carry out maintenance and repairs on our customers’ own equipment and many of our trade customers in particular realise the benefits of letting the professionals take care of their maintenance while they concentrate on what they do best.

Tools wear out. Tools that sit collecting dust break down and tools that get used regularly will also eventually fail. The larger plant equipment that is powered by an engine does not like sitting in a damp shed not being used. They also need regular servicing and maintenance. Again, hiring means you won’t have to worry about your tools wearing out. That’s our responsibility.

So with all the benefits of hiring why would you want to buy? Well of course there are situations where owning your own tools may be best for you. Often tradesmen make daily use of their tools and machines like cement mixers, plaster paddles, the list goes on. If you are looking to buy your next power tool or piece of plant equipment then please give us a call. We can offer competitive pricing and hold accounts with many of the large manufacturers. Should we not be able to supply what you need we can normally tell you where to get it at the right price. Give us a try next time you buy.