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Sharp Sand


We can supply sharp sand in 25kg bags, bulk bags (850 – 950kgs) and loose.


Sharp sand is sometimes referred to as grit sand, concreting sand or coarse sand. This gritty sand is often put over the top of an MOT Type1 base before laying block paving. Its also used as a screed, for rendering and can be mixed with stone to make concrete. Sharp sand can also be mixed in with compost and soil to help loosen it up. It’s a good option to loosen up those clay gardens we all have, especially in West Swindon.

Due to the size of the particles sharp sand can also aid drainage which is why it is a popular choice to put under block paving, patio paving and landscaping projects.

When compared to soft sand or building sand, sharp sand will feel much coarser. It also wont bind together like soft sand so don’t try building a sand castle with it.

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