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MOT Type1 Hardcore


We supply MOT Type1 in bulk bags (850kgs – 950kgs) or loose. You can collect from our aggregate yard in Cheney Manor, Swindon or we can deliver. It is important to note that we are offering certified Type 1 and not an inferior recycled product. This is important as the make up of the product ensures that it compacts properly to form a stable layer.


MOT stands for Ministry of Transport (MOT). It was also known as DOT Type 1 for the Department of Transport (DOT). It’s given this name because it was specified in the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works.

MOT Type 1 has a mixture of 40mm gravel stones down to dust. When compacted this binds together to form the sublayer for road surfaces and pathways. Hardwearing, MOT Type 1 forms a load bearing stable layer and a flat surface prior to a top coating of asphalt, concrete, shingle or block paving. The fine materials in the mixture also ensures minimal voids in the sublayer when compacted.

So in short this is the right product to use to form a stable base layer under roads, paths, driveways, patios and any other area that is going to be load bearing.

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