Lightweight (50kg Cast Plate) Whacker Plate


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The Belle PC 320X 50kg Petrol driven wacker plate is our most popular sized plate. Ideal for lighter tasks such as interlocking paviours, shed bases, patios etc. Please note that although it is our lightest plate it still weighs in at 50kgs. There are cheaper alternatives with a steel bottom plate as opposed to the cast iron base that this one has but they will not make such a good job of your compaction task.


This whacker plate is our most popular size. It can be delivered but if you want to keep the costs down you are welcome to collect this from our hire shop. The handle folds over and the plate will fit in all but the smallest of cars. If you speak to us really nicely we may even put it in the back of the car for you!

A compactor plate or wacker plate as they are sometimes known is the tool to hire if you need to compact a base. You may be preparing a base for a shed, driveway, patio, path or even a road. The compactor plate will ensure that the base is compacted sufficiently to prevent cracking or movement. We can hire a range of plate sizes depending on the task you are carrying out. We can even hire you a 160kg diesel powered compactor plate for jobs where a high level of compaction is required. The whacker plate is our number one hire item. Our most popular size whacker plate will fit in the boot of most cars so you can collect it from our store saving on delivery and collection charges. We would recommend booking ahead if you can to ensure we have a plate available when you need it. Most of our wacker plates run on unleaded fuel and are supplied with a full tank of fuel which is usually sufficient for the job you are doing.

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