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Cement Poly Bag 25kgs


Portland cement supplied in 25kg poly bags.

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We offer Whitestar cement in 25kg poly bags. Although slightly more expensive than paper bags you will not have the same wastage. Bags of cement in paper can get damp before they are even opened, wasting the product.

Whitestar cement is a high performance, air-entrained, packed CEM II, 4.5n cement. Suitable for use in concrete, mortar, render and screed, it also provides improved workability and has an enhanced resistance to frost.


Whitestar cement is designed specially to give the ease of spreading and water retention necessary for mortars, entraining air and contributing to superior plastic properties in concrete and enhanced durability to frost in hardened mortar and concrete.


  • Incorporates a specially selected additive to entrain air
  • Offers improved workability
  • Enhanced durability to frost when hardened
  • A low CO2 cement
  • Declared Cr(VI) shelf life shown on bag

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