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Everbuild 1L Concentrated Plasticiser


This is concentrated plasticiser. One litre is equivalent to 25l of ordinary plasticiser.

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Achieve a more waterproof and workable mortar with this super-concentrated plasticiser from Everbuild. It works by locking out the air during the curing or drying process, delaying the set and thus preventing cracking, crazing and shrinking. Use it when bricklaying, doing blockwork and rendering to make your job easier and reduce the grittiness of your mortar.

The liquid is highly concentrated and easy to use thanks to the controlled dosage and gauge on the bottle. You’ll find that 1 L of this product is equivalent to 25 L of a standard mix. You’ll need less water too, as it’s a water-reducing compound. It’s resistant to efflorescence (salt formation) because it replaces lime in the mixture, and it also reduces any damage caused by freezing and thawing action on masonry.

• Highly concentrated 1:25 plasticiser – 1 L is equivalent to 25 L of standard mix

• Powerful and fast acting formulation

• Prevents shrinking and cracking during curing

• Water-reducing

• Chloride-free

• Tested to BSEN934-Part 3

• Hazard safety codes: R38, R41

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