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24″ Petrol Power Float


Available on back-order

24″ Petrol Power Float


You can hire a powerfloat in a range of sizes with the 36″ machine being our most popular. We can supply trowels as well as a quick mount pan which allows you to get onto the slab sooner. This petrol power float/trowel is used for final finishing of concrete floors. Power trowelling gives by far the best results for strength, durability and flatness. Using a power trowel, concrete can be finished off to a very hard and durable surface. Remember that a power trowel will not level a concrete floor. A power trowel is a finishing machine designed to put a hard skin onto the surface of the concrete which is smooth and reasonably dust free.

Small holes and slight high spots can be levelled off by the action of the trowel, but a floor should generally be laid, levelled and compacted before a trowel is used. Double beam screeds, straight edges, and hand troweling of edges and main joints should be done prior to power trowelling.

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