Wood flooring is now an expensive option if you want to go out and buy it. However many of us are lucky enough to have a beautiful wood floor hiding under our carpet just waiting to be revealed.

Here at G.A. Plant we have the sanding machines to hire designed for stripping your floor. We can hire you a professional sanding machine. In fact we can hire you two professional sanding machines. The first sander we can hire you is a drum sander. The drum sander, as you would probably expect, has a drum underneath.

Drum Sander

On this drum you can mount a range of varying grade sand papers. You would normally start with a coarser grade to strip the surface and then increasingly go to a finer grade to give a beautiful smooth finish to your floor. When you hire a sander from us we will supply a dust collection bag helping to reduce the mess. These sanders can easily be transported in the back of a car as the handle and dust collection spout can actually be removed. The sander is equipped with a handle to make it easier to lift in and out of the car. 

When setting about sanding your floor preparation is key. You will need to carefully inspect the floor to make sure there are no sharp objects such as nails, screws and tacks sticking above the surface of the floor. Any heads protruding will quickly rip the paper on the drum and can even damage the rubber pad that is underneath. You will need to make sure that anything sharp is either removed or knocked well under the surface, Remember you will be removing material from the surface so you will need to make sure that the sharp bits are buried below the surface of the sanded wood. Generally nails can be simply knocked in with a hammer and nail punch, Whilst screws can be simply screwed down a bit further. If you don’t have the tools to do this job we can supply them from our tool shop in Cheney Manor.

The drum sander is the perfect tool to hire for the bulk of the job. However it will not get right up against the edges. For this task you are going to need to hire an edge sander. Our professional edge sander is cleverly designed so that you can get right up against the edge. The pad carries sanding discs and just like the drum sander, when you hire aa edge sander from us, we can supply you with a range of grades so you can achieve the perfect finish. When you hire an edge sander from us we will also supply dust bags for the machine. These help to reduce the amount of mess made whilst sanding your floor.

Once you have completed the task of sanding your floor you will then need to protect it. We can even supply floor sealer and wax to give your floor that perfect hard wearing finish. We really are the one stop shop for you wood floor project. If you have any questions then give us a bell or pop into store where you can see the machines for yourself and discuss your job and requirements. Our FREE coffee machine is always on and we are more than happy to spend some time with you explaining our products and discussing your requirements. This is one of the huge benefits of the smaller independent hire shops. We really care about all our customers, however large or small.