Cherry Picker Hire from GA Plant Swindon

If you have ever needed to reach a high place that is not safely accessible with a ladder or tower then you have probably thought about hiring a cherry picker. But where to start?

Well, you will need to consider how high you are going as well as how much weight you have to lift. Beyond that is cost. Of course, you can request the biggest machine on the fleet but the costs can fast mount up. Essentially for any self-propelled cherry picker, with the exception of the Niftylift, you will be looking at a 7.5t lorry minimum to deliver. Typical delivery costs even within the town can be anywhere between £40 and £80 each way. For a short-term hire this makes the job very expensive. The self-propelled machines also need level ground to operate. Go on too much of a slope and the sensors are going to stop play. 

So how do you get around these problems? Here at G A Plant and Tool Hire in Swindon we have thought about what our customers need and how to solve these issues. We can now offer the Nifty 120T. This clever machine is pulled behind a vehicle like a trailer. This means we can deliver it with one of our vans. The delivery within Swindon at the time of writing this blog are Just £7.50 each way (ex VAT) making costings far more realistic. Of course, if your vehicle is equipped for towing and you are allowed to tow over 750kgs then you can come and collect the machine form our yard saving delivery charges.  

So that is the excessive transport cost dealt with but what about sloping ground? Well the Niftylift 120T has four hydraulic legs allowing you to perfectly level the machine on uneven or sloping ground. The legs are simply operated with a couple of levers and are very easy to set up. 

It has even more tricks up its sleeve. The axles on the machine can slide in making it just 1.1m wide meaning it can get into some tight spaces. And with electric power options it can also be used safely inside. This is an important consideration as many cherry pickers are diesel. powered 

And it doesn’t end there! This cherry picker comes with three power supply options. It can be simply plugged into the mains, run off its own batteries with its own built in charger or run off its own petrol engine meaning you are never going to be caught out without power. 

The basket on our Niftylift is rated to 200kgs meaning either two people or one person with a good supply of tools can use the basket. The basket is also fitted with a power outlet so you can power your tools from the basket. 

Check out the video to see the Niftylift in action and then give us a call to book your hire. We hire the cherry picker form our depot here in Swindon. If you would like a closer look at the cherry picker you are always welcome to come down to our hire shop in Cheney Manor where we can demonstrate it to you, assuming it is not out on hire.