With a large part of Swindon being on clay and with an increasing number of people looking to lift their old, boggy lawn and lay artificial grass another useful tool for any Swindon plant and tool hire company is a turf cutter. We can supply all the tools and equipment you will need for this job and hiring this turf cutter will make the first part of the process fast and easy.

After careful consideration we have upgraded our turf cutter hire offering to the Camon TC07, designed and manufactured by Tracmaster. The CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter is a highly effective self-propelled machine that will cut a 30cm (12″) wide strip of turf cleanly, quickly and effortlessly. This outstanding machine is the ideal aid for gardeners, contractors and landscapers who are looking to landscape an already turfed area, and is the perfect tool to hire for removing turf prior to laying artificial grass.

When you hire the CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter we will show you how to operate it. It is very simple to use. The machine features a gearbox drive system which, through a chain, provides an extremely positive drive to the rear wheels. This ensures that even in difficult ground conditions the CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter will keep driving forward. The required cutting depth is easily achieved with the height adjustment on the front of the CAMON TC07 Turf Cutter and can be adjusted from 10mm to 35mm.

The hardened steel cutting blade can be reversed providing double the life. The Turf Cutter has a reliable centrifugal clutch which, through a permanently tensioned belt, provides drive to the blade. The permanent tensioning of the belt ensures that the belt life is considerably prolonged whilst the centrifugal clutch ensures that the Turf Cutter will not operate when the engine is idling. Vibration is kept to a minimum thanks to a unique anti-vibration mount on the handlebars meaning you can operate it in comfort for longer periods.

You can hire a turf cutter from us at any time of the year although we wouldn’t recommend using the machine if the ground is particularly hard, ie following a long dry spell. If the ground is particularly dry we would recommend giving it a good watering the night before you hire the turf cutter from us.

Another useful tip when you hire this turf cutter from us is starting the machine below the turf. The blade does not like pushing down through the turf. All you need to do is lift an area of turf large enough for the blade to sit in and then you can start stripping with the blade below the turf.

To hire this turf cutter simply give us a bell or pop into store.