Do You Need a Lift?

What is the ideal tool to hire for lifting a beam, lintel or steel support into place?

We now have in stock a clever lift which is both portable and capable. The Genie range of lifts are designed to be used in tough construction environments and offer the perfect solution for those heavy and awkward lifts. Our Genie Superlift Advantage (SLA) 10, which is available for hire from our store in Cheney Manor in Swindon, is capable of lifting 454kgs up to 3.39m. Being large we normally deliver these Genie lifts to our customers. However, once on site the lift can be moved around easily on its casters. You can also hire fork extensions. These allow the forks to extend out in front of the wheels for lifts up against a wall for example. It is narrow enough to fit through a doorway so you can move the lift around a building with ease. The machine is manually operated by winding a handle to make the forks go up and down. This is the ideal tool to hire for lifting a steel support, lintel or beam into place safely.

Thinking about the last blog I wrote, where I looked at the advantages of tool hire over tool purchases, these materials lifts are the perfect example of the type of machine that it would make sense to hire. They have a high purchase price tag and take up a good bit of storage space. They also require specialist expertise for maintenance. They are often used for one off jobs. Sometimes our customers will also hire scaffold towers to give them access to the job. When we are hiring several items for one job we are always happy to discuss rates to make sure you benefit from hiring multiple items from us at the same time. Of course we can combine delivery which also helps keep both our costs and your hire costs down.

You are always welcome to give us a call to discuss your requirements or, if you prefer, come into store where we are always happy to help. Sometimes it is helpful if you can actually see the tool or machine you’re going to hire as it enables you to ensure that you are hiring the right tool for the job.