Get The Job Done Quicker With A Chipper

Get The Job Done Quicker With A Chipper

Garden waste can be a right nuisance to get rid of. Here in Swindon the council are now charging us to use green bins so that leaves us with the option of burning the material or taking it to the tip.

If your neighbourhood is anything like mine you will quickly loose friends with a roaring bonfire. The smoke in a housing estate is never popular! So off to the tip it is. But how do you get those brambles into a bin bag? If you can condense your garden waste down it is a whole lot easier to move.

Here at G.A. Plant and Machinery in Cheney Manor, Swindon, we can hire you the perfect solution. We have a petrol driven chipper shredder. It's called a chipper shredder because it does both tasks. On the side it has a chute that will handle branches up to 2 1/2" thick whilst the main chute takes material up to 1/2" thick. The main chute then has a door which can be opened or closed. When closed the door holds the material in the shredding drum until it is small enough to drop through the holes in the door. This creates a mulch. You could then add this to a compost heap or bag it up for easy removal. This will greatly reduce the amount of space your garden waste is going to take up making the clearance job a whole lot easier.

The machine is on a set of wheels so you easily move it around the garden by hand. The side chute also folds up enabling the chipper to easily fit through a standard gateway.

Due to the height of the machine most people will need it delivered. If you have a trailer or van however it will likely fit in that. We are more than happy to deliver and can quote depending on distance. We also provide the safety equipment necessary for this machine at no extra cost.

As with all our hire and sales items we are more than happy for you to come into store where you can see the machine and discuss your requirements. Of course if you would like to book your hire directly over the phone then that is also fine.


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