A Brush With The Cutter or Was it a Strimmer?

A Brush With The Cutter or Was it a Strimmer?

Brushcutters are tougher than an ordinary strimmer. A brushcutter will normally have a slightly more powerful engine and will be equipped with a metal cutting blade. These machines are the perfect choice for clearing thick undergrowth such as brambles. 

Strimmers are great tools for trimming around posts and areas that cannot be got to with a regular mower. However you will soon eat up the string if you try clearing anything thicker than grass. The brushcutter will of course cut grass as well however you need to try and avoid hitting the ground with it as it is likely to kick. They are also not good for cutting in close proximity to solid objects. It stands to reason that if you hit a wall or similar with a metal blade spinning at high speed the result is not going to be a good one. This is where the string of a strimmer wins out as it will of course give.

Here at G.A. Plant we like the four stroke Makita offering. The advantage of the four stroke brushcutter is there is no messing around with mixing fuel and oil in the right quantities. Simply pour unleaded into the tank and off you go. The four stroke engine is also quieter and more fuel efficient helping to keep your running costs down.

We hire out our brushcutter complete with a helmet, visor and ear defenders. The machine also comes with a full harness making it easy to handle. There is a comfortable bull horn style handle with the engine easily controlled by your right hand. The harness has an emergency quick release just in case of a fire or similar problem.

If you decide a strimmer is sufficient for your job then our strimmer can be supplied with string and of course the usual safety gear. Strimmers are the ideal solution for tight spaces that you can't reach with a mower. The will also deal with tall grass that would otherwise clog up a mower. The strimmer is slightly cheaper to hire than the brush cutter. You must be aware though that a strimmer will not cope with anything thicker than grass.

If you are still not sure what you need for your job then why not give us a bell. We will be happy to advise on the suitable tool for your job.

Posted on 14/07/2016 Home, Product News 3494

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